Dark Souls 2 Hack Trainer (PC,PS3 & XBOX360)

Hello world, we just finished our big shot of the year! We do it! We made a new hack trainer for the famous game Dark Souls 2 that is available for PC, PS3 and XBOX360. A lot of fans request as a hack trainer like this and we start to work on it and now it is finished and ready to be used on all these platforms! Right, this hack works on  PC (Windows,MAC and Linux), Playstation 3 and Xbox 360!  Dark Souls 2 Hack Trainer has a lot of options, settings and features that can be activated in the game. Let’s present you some features like Enable All Warp Bonfirest, Select Level, Unlimited HP, Unlimited Stamina, Unlimited Vitality, Unlimited Attunement, Unlimited Endurance, Unlimited Strength, Unlimited Dexterity, Unlimited Resistance, Unlimited Intelligence, Unlimited Faith, Unlimited Humanity, Unlimited Souls and Convenant Selection. As you can see this trainer has much features that ca be enabled in the game. The hack is very easy to use and is not require advanced knowledges. This tool is also a SAFE tool because it is using a new protection system named SafeGuard v2.1 that prevent all bans, so you won’t get ban if you’re using this trainer.Enjoy of hack!

dark-souls-2-hack-trainer Dark Souls 2 Hack Trainer (PC,PS3 & XBOX360)

Dark Souls 2 Hack Trainer Features

– Enable All Warp Bonfirest
– Select Level, Unlimited HP
– Unlimited Stamina, Unlimited Vitality
– Unlimited Attunement
– Unlimited Endurance
– Unlimited Strength
– Unlimited Dexterity
– Unlimited Resistance
– Unlimited Intelligence
– Unlimited Faith
– Unlimited Humanity
– Unlimited Souls
 Convenant Selection
– SafeGuard v2.1
– Simple Interface


1. Download our hack trainer from below download buttons
2. Run it, then select your platform : PC, PS3 or Xbox 360
3. Type your PROFILE then click CONNECT
5. Now, write your game CHARACTER NAME then start to enable features and put amounts
6. Hit START HACK button then wait few seconds to load all features
7. Enjoy the game!


dark-souls-2-hack Dark Souls 2 Hack Trainer (PC,PS3 & XBOX360)

Download Dark Souls 2 Hack Trainer


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button2 Dark Souls 2 Hack Trainer (PC,PS3 & XBOX360)

How to download?

button-copy Dark Souls 2 Hack Trainer (PC,PS3 & XBOX360)

Dark Souls 2 Hack Trainer was successfully scanned by VirusTotal

tota Dark Souls 2 Hack Trainer (PC,PS3 & XBOX360)

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